Woman owned contract manufacturer of custom wire and cable assemblies since 1971

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Plainville, MA 02762 

Desco Electronics, Inc.

Because - We know how important your time is!


Because - We realize how quickly critical changes need to be made!


Because - With one phone call, reach the engineer that can answer all your questions, respond to all your design or schedule changes and take action instantly!


Because - We’re an extension of your company and realize that the reliability of each cable, wire harness, ribbon assembly and box build is critical to your customers.


Because - We value each of our customers no matter how large or small and offer over 40 years critical knowledge capital and experience behind everything we recommend, build, design, or manufacture.


Because - We realize that being a second set of eyes with design changes, delivery dates and in all aspects in your manufacturing and design process, is critical to each our customers. We pride ourselves in delivering successful solutions seamlessly with no delay. That is our promise to you!


Because - With one phone call you connect to the person who has the pulse of Desco, who can:

             • Verify Information

             • Answer Questions directly related to your project or build

             • Implement, schedule or design changes instantly

             • Suggest product enhancements, design and cost improvements

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I've been working with Desco Electronics for the last 20 years, we have an outstanding relationship. They have helped us save time and money, in working together to make an outstanding product for our customer. They are a pleasure to work with, the staff goes above and beyond the expectations of this customer. I have never had a bad experience with Desco over the time that I've been doing business with them; it has been very helpful in my purchasing aspect working with Desco. They have always met the deliveries that I requested and go above and beyond what is needed, it would behoove you to check out Desco Electronics if you haven't already, work with them to either make a better product, make it faster, in-process save you money and time. This is a great selling point for you is a company and for our customers. It’s been a pleasure to work with Desco and I will be continuing to work with them in the future. Thank You to all the staff at Desco Electronics for the wonderful work you do.

John K- Purchasing Agent

Why should you choose Desco?


What sets us apart is the unique connection and understanding we’ve developed with each of our customers, with our over 45 years of experience and expertise dealing with diverse clients in various industries. This provides us the unique benefit, of becoming a valuable resource that our customers take advantage of when dealing with the daily challenges associated with delivering successful product solutions to their end users. We also realize designs, market expansion demands and changes, delivery dates, materials and other needs are different for each of them. To put it bluntly, we deliver simple solutions customized to each of our customer's individual needs.