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Desco Electronics, Inc.

Why Partner With Us

Partnership Advantage


We take your success very seriously and realize the reliability of each cable, wire harness, or ribbon assembly being built directly relates to the satisfaction of your customers. With over 45 years of experience, what sets us apart is the unique connection and understanding we’ve developed with our partners, when dealing with the daily challenges associated with delivering successful product solutions to their end users.

Partnering with Desco Electronics will allow you to connect with the person in charge of your project with a single call, you can also:

• Verify Information

• With one dedicated resource, quickly answer questions directly related to your project or build

• Quickly implement schedule and design changes instantly

• In addition to helping with product enhancements, design and cost improvements when needed

Unmatched Service

Building quality custom electronic assemblies for 45 years


We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality assemblies to meet your specific needs. Each and every phase of production includes several quality checks throughout the build to verify the assembly is on task, built accurately with 100% quality compliance and unmatched lasting reliability.

With our over 45 years of expert knowledge, we can tackle any harness and wire assembly from a single build to the most complex, entailing a variety of wires, cables and connectors of any size. Our commitment to detail ensures that you will receive the best quality and reliable product each and every time. Our cable and wire harnesses are built and manufactured in the US with one purpose in mind, to always provide our customers the best unmatched quality and reliability at a reasonable cost.

Our Manufacturing

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