Woman owned contract manufacturer of custom wire and cable assemblies since 1971

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Plainville, MA 02762 

Desco Electronics, Inc.

Will we ship internationally?

We do not directly, but will coordinate with you to make sure all information needed is provided so shipments aren’t delayed!


Do we guarantee Exceptional Consistent Quality?

YES! We take quality extremely serious and have been for over 45 years. We have, and will always hold ourselves to a higher standard then what is expected in the industry. We are also a UL and CSA certified assembly facility, RoHS compliant, and do conform to IPC A-610 standards for Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies and IPC/WHMA A-620 Requirements and Acceptance for Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies.


Each and every phase of production includes quality checks to verify the assembly is on task, built accurately and with 100% quality and compliant with IPC-620B. All equipment is calibrated and verified at each phase of production. And final assembly is tested for continuity and resistance, Cirrus tested and 100 % visual inspected prior to shipment so that each assembly is shipped correctly and accurately each and every time.


Will Desco do short delivery or production run orders?

Yes, we will and do for all of our customers and or partners who need either large, medium or small production runs.


Do we help with prototyping or design needs?

We certainly Do! In fact we recommend it for all new builds and design changes. We realize to confirm design, fit, production process and critical performance factors. Our experienced design and engineering team knows the right questions to ask to help identify design, manufacturability and/or component options to save you time, money and meet your deadlines. We’ve learned you’ll gain the greatest ROI and success partnering early in the development process, in the concept and design phase.


A Question about Lead Times?

We know that lead times and production vary in order to meet customer’s specific need while taking into account material availability. Our Customer’s let us know their specific expectation need going into the project or build, when we are all in agreement and on the same page, you have our word and commitment to a completion and ship date that will be to your satisfaction! That’s why our delivery rate is at 99% to date!


What about Customer Service?

I’m sure at one time or another you experienced being put on hold, leaving messages, sending multiple emails or going from person to person and getting no help, no answers or no one to take immediate action to fix your issues. At the end of the day, you’ve ended up wasting a great deal of time, effort and frustration with no results. We value our customers and their needs very seriously, with that being said, we have and will always go well above customer service expectations! Each of our customers know that when they call they will speak to the project person in charge of their build ensuring you receive the quick expert actionable assistance you need real-time. If they don’t have the answer right there, they’ll get it and call you right back directly that is Desco’s commitment to you!

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