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Desco Electronics, Inc.

Desco Electronics is a UL recognized and approved manufacturer of wire and harness processing. Each wire processed and harness assembly is built to the specific BOM (Bill of Materials) the detailed drawings provided and UL materials are documented and verified for each build.


Desco Electronics is committed to serving our customers RoHS requirements.  Since 2005 our manufacturing facility has been fully compliant to the RoHS conversion.  Our facility is equipped with both lead free, lead soldering and tinning stations for those industries that are exempt.


A certificate of compliance (C of C) is provided with each shipment sent, verifying and documenting that all materials used are UL / CSA approved and recognized and all assemblies are tested for continuity and are RoHS compliant. All documentation is traceable to a specific purchase order, invoice, assembly number and quantity shipped.




Quality Assemblies


We are committed to producing the highest quality assemblies to meet your specific need. Each and every phase of production includes quality checks to verify the assembly is on task, built accurately and with 100% quality and compliance to IPC-620B. All equipment is calibrated and verified at each phase of production. And final assembly is tested for continuity and resistance, Cirrus tested and 100 % visual inspected prior to shipment so that each assembly is shipped correctly and accurately each and every time.



UL Recognized and Approved Manufacturer

Commitment hero commitment



• UL recognized and approved manufacturer of wire processing and harness processing

• UL File #61010

• UL File #E66452

• RoHS compliant

• C of C Certificate (Certificate of Compliance)

Quality checks build in at each phase of production:


• Production machinery is calibrated and tested

• Wire/terminal crimping tension testing meeting or

exceeding UL and manufacturers requirements

• 100 % Cirrus tested with custom built test fixtures designed for each specific assembly

• 100% visual inspection

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We at Sagacis Power Products have been very pleased working with Desco Electronics. Desco Electronics has always worked with us to insure a Top Quality Project Outcome and has also worked very hard to insure that our deliveries are on time. We look forward to entrusting our future orders with Desco Electronics as they have proven to be very quality conscious, reliable and dependable.


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