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Desco Electronics, Inc.

A quick note from Angela Frankudakis

President and CEO Desco Electronics Inc.

My dad, Jim Frank, founded Desco Electronics Inc. in 1971, with a single belief in mind “building long, lasting business partnerships by providing high quality custom cable and wire harness manufacturing services at a reasonable price” with a verbal agreement and a handshake that meant something. These are the principles my dad instilled in me, that I still practice today.


I remember when I was six or seven, my dad had a job that needed to get out – he was borrowing someone’s braiding machine to make the harnesses for the next day. My dad was in the basement cutting, stripping and bending the wires, while my mom, older brother and myself were kitting the wires into groups for him. When we ran low on a certain wire, I would run down the stairs and let him know we were short.  I was so excited helping my dad, wow I thought! I’m going to stay up as long as I can to compete with my brother and show I can do it to. I would run up and

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down the stairs getting stuff until I would start falling asleep at the table (I’m sure some of you can relate to this). I grew up learning and loving this industry and I still do today!


We still operate with the same principals of quality and commitment today as we did back then. Each and every customer we partner with will always be able to speak with the person responsible for their project quickly with a single call and get products built to the exact specifications they requested.


I realize that even we can make mistakes, no company or team is perfect, when and if they do, I promise it will be addressed, corrected and shipped to your satisfaction every time guaranteed!


If this is makes sense – call us – give us a chance and see the difference!


Angela Frankudakis, President and CEO

President and Owner, daughter of the founder - Jim Frank

“….great service with the highest priority always placed on quality and customer satisfaction.”

Dave Reynolds


C&M Systems, Inc.

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